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Fruit-and-milk diet

March 26th, 2011
Fruit-and-milk diet

Fruit-and-milk diet

Fruit and milk diet rather “strict”, but well balanced and low calorie. Moved quite easily. Buy ingredients available in any supermarket or the bazaar. Result: minus 6.4 kg per week.

In such a diet there are 2 options: a short (sometimes called – cottage cheese-fruit diet) and long. In the first case it must comply with in 7 days. In the second – 3 weeks, but taking a break for the weekend. In the long version of the weekend you can have everything (of course, within reasonable limits), except for sweets and fatty foods.

Fruit and milk diet – Sample menu for a day is as follows:

Breakfast: tea or coffee without sugar.

After 2-3 h: 200 g cottage cheese, fat content of no more than 5%.

2-3 hours: any fruit, but not more than 200 grams.

2-3 hours: 300-350 mL low-fat (up to 3,2%), kefir, yogurt or any other fermented milk drink.

After 2 hours: 200 grams of fruit.

During the day you can drink mineral water without gas, coffee and tea without sugar.

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