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Sugar diet

March 27th, 2011

Despite its “sweet” name, sugar diet is one of the most severe methods of weight loss – to sustain her by force is not for everyone. But if all of the rules, then taka diet helps the body to rest from heavy meals, clean it, and along with save from a couple of extra pounds.

The purpose of the sugar diet

Sugar diet is designed primarily to cleanse the body. Lack of protein and fat in the diet gives the kidneys and liver needed rest. Severe restriction of calories leads to weight loss (even if tongue no longer responds to any other diet, this technique necessarily losing weight will push them into the smaller side). Thus, the greatest benefit it can bring people suffering from chronic kidney and liver, as well as those who want to quickly get rid of a pair of particularly “stubborn” pounds.


During the day, should drink 5 glasses of sweet tea (200 ml of tea – 30 grams of sugar). Despite any lack of food, hungry fainting during this diet is not threatened. The reason is that sugar – a source of quick energy (conversion of carbohydrates does not take much time).

In addition to sweet tea is to drink up to an additional 1.5 liters of pure water without gas – liquid helps clean the body of toxins.

Before proceeding to the sugar diet, you should consult with a physician – any violations to the level of blood sugar, weakness, reduced immunity, and some other reasons make this variant discharge completely unacceptable.

Stick to the diet can be no more than three days (ideally – 1-2 days). The frequency of such unloading days – once a month if sugar diet lasts only one day and once in 2 months, if it lasts 2-3 days.

During the diet you should give up active exercise. Maximum load these days – walking in fresh air.

Every day diet should lead to the long sleep (about 10 hours a day to relax, so it is not forbidden, and naps).

This diet is better timed to the weekend – possible weakness and drowsiness.

Output from the diet

Out of the diet should be gradual, without straining the body. In the first diet should include a light salad and fruit, then – go to the vegetable porridges and only then can gradually include dishes from its usual menu.


If all of these suggestions, the sugar diet will bring only one benefit – it helps the body to rest from heavy meals, clean it, and along with save from a couple of extra pounds.

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